PyLauncher for Maemo is a daemon to speedup Python applications. It's was implemented for the first time by Johan Dahlin (from PyGTK) and now rewrote in C, by INdT.

Only PyGTK applications can have some improvement since it pre-loads pygtk module (saving 2 seconds at application init time).



Dec 03, 2008
  • Fixed bug#2751 - PyLauncher does not restore /etc/alternatives/python to its original state
Apr 17, 2008

Problems fixed:

  • Run scripts that are in the current directory but unable to be reached by "which" command (when you call a script without a full path or './' before script name)
  • Run scripts with superuser privileges (e.g.: postinst scripts)
  • Other modification is the adoption of autotools and debug support

Official release for Maemo

Mar 27, 2008

First version released to Maemo. PyGTK applications can now start 2s faster.